what or who is ‘zerolith’

A 35 year old software developer from southern Germany.

Nowadays I’m rarely coding professionally. My background evolved somehow like this. Back in 2000 we’ve been taught Quick Basic in School. Even for that year it was dated, I know.

After school I went to a small company close by and starting my training as a „Fachinformatiker“ specialised in „Anwendungsentwicklung“. German for being an Application Software Developer. I learned Delphi (Object Pascal) and was very happy with it. I still have font memories of it. Easy to read code, fast compiler and I loved the abstraction of Win32 APIs. This language did not really change much anymore and after chewing it up I could do anything with it, well at least anything I needed for my daily job. We did everything for our business with Delphi, we wrote our own SQL database, Scripting language, Memory Manager…

Everything I know today is based on the principles I learned with Delphi. Sometimes it’s a curse to be honest. Somethings, the things I test, read about, or try out these days, look strange and not intuitive. This is my Delphi-curse I assume.

Along this road I did some stuff in PHP, tried some C++ and had the occasional encounter with Javascript.

Somewhen in 2009 I had an issue: PHP was not sufficient for what I was trying to build. For the sake of this story, not sure if this was the only thing: I needed Threads. To speed up my learning curve I took the thing that looked to my Delphi-cursed eyes „nice“. I was hooked on Ruby within 10 days. This was pure backend development, I have not touched Rails until a year later.

Whatever I learned from Delphi was in a Nutshell (Windows) GUI Application development, Threading, MVC, OOP, Writing simple and clear code. Ruby on the other hand burned in some new, exiting things that I probably would never have touched if I did not step out of my comfort zone: DRY, TDD and: you don’t have to write everything yourself.

Having a nice Ruby skillset, got me my next job. Where I did Ruby for about 4 months. I switched over to C++ and stopped coding rather soon. I love the occasional Debug-session and still write stuff for private projects or daily helpers for data-analysis or boring things like time-logging. These actually happen a lot in Python since most of the APIs I require are just a pip away.

Aside of my main influences (Delphi, Ruby, C++, Python) I did code things in Go, Rust, Objective-C and Swift. Today I consider every language and it’s ecosystem based on some factors:

  • Web-app, Desktop-Application, API, embedded
  • Quick MVP vs. Raw performance vs. Safe & secure
  • Esoteric fun vs. available community Power
  • Do I find enough coders for my project?


Usually a MacBook. Don’t give me shit about being a fanboy. It’s pure efficiency:

  • I don’t have to maintain the system. Lid up: Start; Lid down: Stop.
  • I care about Battery-life.
  • I use a Terminal for about 70% of my day and the rest a browser or any office tool.
  • They’re slim don’t get to hot and I can actually carry it around all day.
  • I’m still evaluating to replace the Macbook with an iPad, but I’m not as fast on it as I would need it. Not sure what it is.

Ok yes, I could probably use any Notebook with Linux on it too. Yeah, I know, Linux has something for everything. But I’m usually working in a Windows dominant world where you have to have M$ office, and things for Video conferencing and special VPN tools and and and… Yes, there’s ways to do that, but who has the time. I tried it: Changing to Linux with the converting, exporting, screwed up documents, Alternative tools not working and actually spending a lot of time tweaking and tinkering. Windows is well, it’s actually not that bad anymore but for most things on a development level you need to „special things“. And a lot of special things right next to each other… (GNU cross compiler toolchain, Docker, Cygwin…) I did not enjoy it.

Running on it:

  • iTerm
  • zsh
  • Neovim
  • iA Writer
  • Agenda
  • Docker
  • Slack
  • M$ Office
  • (Apple Calendar, Mail, Reminders, Safari)

What’s this page for?

Everyone needs his public space to vent.

As you can see, I’m either a very happy guy or just too damn busy to actually do this properly. I’ve written roughly 450 posts in my 10 years of “blogging” and just recently dumped a huge amount of them in a virtual trash. They were irrelevant, just funny or personal stuff (for which we have Facebook now).

In the beginning of 2014 I decided to just do this Blog just for myself. A space to document snippets, howtos, workarounds and links. Mostly Ruby & Linux stuff. And “public” because somewhere some frustrated person can find help.

So “the Blog”: Let’s stop just calling that. Its merely a public notebook now.

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