what or who is 'zerolith'

A 32 year old software developer from southern Germany.


  • ... am fluent in Ruby, C, C++, Delphi .
  • ... use whatever is neccessary for the task.
  • ... prefer backend engineering. My frontend development is functional. I'm not a designer!
  • ... work on a Mac and Linux systems.
  • ... enjoy things like Raspberry PI, BeagleBone and Arduino.
  • ... watch a lot of TV shows.


From To Position Company
09/2002 03/2005 Trainee Software-Developer logistik konzepte software GmbH
03/2005 05/2009 Software Developer logistik konzepte software GmbH
05/2009 08/2014 Senior Software-Developer & Productmanager logistik konzepte software GmbH
08/2014 09/2015 Software-Architect sonnen GmbH (former Sonnenbatterie GmbH)
10/2015 Now Teamleader Software Development sonnen GmbH

What's this?

Everyone needs his public space to vent.

As you can see, I'm either a very happy guy or just too damn busy to actually do this properly. I've written roughly 450 posts in my 10 years of "blogging" and just recently dumped a huge amount of them in a virtual trash. They were irrelevant, just funny or personal stuff (for which we have Facebook now).

In the beginning of 2014 I decided to just do this Blog just for myself. A space to document snippets, howtos, workarounds and links. Mostly Ruby & Linux stuff. And "public" because somewhere some frustrated person can find help.

So "the Blog": Let's stop just calling that. Its merely a public notebook now.

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