DIY Arduino UNO on Breadboard

To save a bit of money, space and hassle I decided to build my own Arduino Uno. And to be perfectly fair, it’s probably wrong, not nice, or meaningful anymore. However I was really proud of myself.

Bill of Materials:

Amount Item Info
1✕ 16 Mhz Chrystal  
1✕ Electrolytic Capacitor 100µF
1✕ Electrolytic Capacitor 10µF
2✕ Capacitor 22pF
1✕ Rectifier Diode  
1✕ LED Red
1✕ 10kΩ Resistor  
1✕ 330Ω Resistor  
1✕ Pushbutton  
1✕ Voltage Regulator 5V - 7805
1✕ ATMEGA328  


Final “Product”

💡 Please note, I switched the 5V and GND lanes at the bottom rail.