So, this Blog is essentially dead. I made it roughly one year ( last post was March '13 ) without even thinking of posting here.

First of all: Changing the Software to Jekyll is to cut out any tasks concerning my servers security. ( Wordpress Updates )

Second: I like this domain, I like the idea of having a blog. I'm - well - just unsure what to do with it.

Technology / Programming / Games:

I'm at least 2 years to late for most things that I'd like to share. The brief time I have for gaming is reserved for gaming. I have not the slightest of interests to put my opinion on the latest crap from (for example) Samsung on here.

Private stuff

... is kinda a notorious thing to do on the internet - nobody wants to know how and what I do - and nobody needs to know :-)

So what now?

For about 3 years now I'm "working" (a few hours a month) on a game. If I find myself with something more than 100-ish prototypes that nothing look like something someone expects from a game, I'd be happy to share.

I'll get back to that at some point :-)

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