a few days ago, almost all services (that somehow require a working DNS lookup) spread across three virtual machines (1x Ubuntu; 2x WinXP) stopped working. After two fracking years!

Well, it took me about two days to figure out some kind of workaround (no real "solution" yet).

Before you continue

... you should check if you really have the same issue:

ping should give you host not found. If  you receive packets from Google you're obviously fine - what are you doing here anyway?

Next test, if you indeed get a "host not found" result from ping command, your NAT by typing

ping Please, change to some IP address you know to be reachable ( and responds to ping (icmp packets) ).


Plain simple: Modify the guests DHCP settings to get IP settings but use your preferred Nameserver.

Ubuntu (Debian should be the same): vi /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf

edit the line prepend domain-name-servers should be your preferred Nameserver restart network /etc/init.d/networking restart

on a Windows Box it shouldn't be hard to figure out, where to hack in the DNS settings :-)

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